23 hours ago
23 hours ago
sevennjie said : Hey beautiful, did you delete your snap chat? I never see your snaps anymore. My name is sevenjie on sc 

naaa i haven’t just been really busy most weekends xx

Anonymous said : ddo u have facebook ? if so is it renell becous there iz a girl nname nova fakin u nd pretendin to be ur bestfwend 

nope its private

2 weeks ago
Anonymous said : You could've fool me.. I thought you turned 81 

your boring now haha

Anonymous said : Don't think that thirsty nigger is your friend.! Nasty old lady. 

I just turned 18 thou😂😂😂😂😂

imonlyhumane said : Renell, what is with all these thirsty, petty, ignorant anons ? 

You tell me, because I have nooo clue😳

Anonymous said : You bitch whore!!!!! Fucker 

Luhh you too booboo😘😘

Anonymous said : Please I beg you unblock me!!! 

mandem chill