imonlyhumane said : Renell, what is with all these thirsty, petty, ignorant anons ? 

You tell me, because I have nooo clue😳

Anonymous said : You bitch whore!!!!! Fucker 

Luhh you too booboo😘😘

Anonymous said : Please I beg you unblock me!!! 


Anonymous said : Why you dress like a old lady ? You use to have a dope style 😭 

Never seen an old lady in my clothes😂😂😂 but ok babe just unfollow me👌

beyondmyintentions said : You hair is just😍😍😍what products are you using? 

Thank you soft n free and Moroccan oil leave in conditioner spray👌

Anonymous said : Ask? Only compliments should apply...damn you are pretty! Just followed. 4:32pm 

Thank you😘😘

Anonymous said : Your hair 😍 but flat iron it one time please with the new color something new since it's always in curls 😊💕 

Thank you beauty, and yes I will but not yet thou because I’ve only just dyed it I will in a couple of weeks thou I haven’t for ages😘

Anonymous said : Can you please unblock me from snapchat I promise I won't snap you all the time 

You need to chill

Anonymous said : Your hair looks the same 

I can see the difference so it’s all good💁💁

4 days ago