Anonymous said : Ugh me to. Cause I'm tall and thick people think I'm somewhere between 18-23. I'm only 16. I hate it 

yessss! sometimes its a good thing but sometimes its a bad thing haha

Anonymous said : What's the age people mistake you for ? 

Over 20 😂

Anonymous said : I didn't realize you were younger than me. 😳 You're gorgeous btw. ☺️ 

Haha thank you☺️

Anonymous said : When your birthday ? 

September 16th literally can’t wait finally turn 18💃💃💃

gcodegfb said : follow your boy? 

Na not my type of blog sorry.

Anonymous said : Yay don't get me wrong you do take beautiful pictures 😍 

Thank you but being serious is not me at all😂😂

Anonymous said : You use to take dope pictures 😍 now you pictures so serious 😔 what happen ? 

Aw I will go back silly just for youuuu😊😊😊

danitly said : Can you follow back ? You're a beauty btw 

Followed! and thanks you too:)

2 days ago
frappucciniste said : Hello are you still on instagram ? I don't find you. 

Yeah i changed my name recently it’s @renellshanay